A New Web Site look for Epstein Studios!

After months of tinkering, tech talk with GoDaddy and procrastinating (mostly procrastinating)- today is the launch of my new web site look. Please spend a few minutes. Take a look. I welcome your reactions both positive and negative. Please share with your friends. I am going to attempt to post useful photography info, tips and tricks on a weekly basis. If you like the new site give me a thumbs up on Facebook. Thanks.

Here is a tip for today. Actually two tips.

Remember to remove your lens cap before you start shooting and put it back on your lens when done to protect your lens surface.

The second tip is to always use a lens shade to keep extraneous light from hitting the lens and causing flare which can make your images look fuzzy and milky.

Lenses 0158

Look for a second post later today with the upcoming schedule of photo classes! It is fall and time to get out of the house and take some pictures without melting!!

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