Adding new services to my photographic and video offerings

We are always trying to be on the forefront of technology and the newest solutions to your imaging needs. We are diligently working to bring to you RC quadcopter aerial photography and video capabilities. Like anything we do, it needs to meet a standard of quality that we are satisfied with. We are getting very close to delivering superior quality video footage and we will be announcing packages for aerial photography and video projects very soon. Another service that we are equally excited about is the ability to create dynamic time lapse videos. Day to night shots, night to day and motion control video are right around the corner. If you have watched House of  Cards on Netflix, then you are familiar with time lapse as the opening credits exhibit multiple time lapse scenes around Washington DC. Please check back to the web site often to see updates. In the meantime here are a couple of frames from our test shots for the aerial work.

copter houseIMG_0196 2