Relax America video

We created a short video for our client FuryArms about the 2nd amendment issue of the AR-15. Spend a minute and watch what we did.


Video shoot for the Kids In Focus program

Video shoot for the Kids In Focus program

I had the great honor to help the Kids In Focus program by doing video interviews with some of the students who have gone through the class. Kids-In-Focus takes at risk youth and gives them the opportunity to make photography part of their learning experience. Most of these students would never have the chance to own a camera or partake in a photography class. To hear how this program turned their lives around, give them an outlet for their anger, shyness, frustration, creativity, brought tears to my eyes as we were recording these interviews. Good friend and the driving force behind Kids In Focus, Karen Shell, herself a noted Valley photographer, has been working with at-risk, underprivileged youth for over 20 years. Karen has been funding most of this endeavor herself. She needs our help to keep this going. I am sure we can all find a little bit to sponsor this great program. Here are a couple of behind the scenes stills.Visit to help make a difference in the life of a youngster living here in the Phoenix area. Karen wants to take this national and she is the perfect person to guide this.

KidsInFocus_0911 KidsInFocus_0910 KidsInFocus_0909

Let There Be Light photography classes are back!!

Let There Be Light photography classes are back!!

It is the perfect time of year to be outside here in Phoenix doing photography. If you need to learn some basics of exposure, lighting and composition or want a refresher on what you might have forgotten, then join me at the studio to learn! I have developed a curriculum to teach you what you need to know. I offer 3 class sessions on Mondays & Thursdays over 3 weeks. I like to hold classes in the morning for the position of the sun. Yes, there will be homework assignments, but hey, it is photography and should be fun to do! Below is a link to the web pages for the two sessions open now. There you will get all the details and costs. Hope to see you soon in the studio.
Let There Be Light – Monday session                                                Let There Be Light – Thursday session



New Video Commercials

I have been busy doing some video commercials for clients to put on their blogs and web sites. Mostly they are “talking head” videos, done with a teleprompter. I added graphics and background music track. They were a lot of fun to work on and are a cost effective way to get your message out. The clients ranged from a CPA to a Corporate Gift creator to a Senior Caregiver to a blogger and author who advises “Working Moms”. If this is something you are interested doing, please give us a call to set up a pre-production meeting.

A Time Lapse Project for Arlington Custom Builders

We started a project in February 2014 for Arlington Custom Builders that involved the build out of a 2000 sq. ft. addition to a home in Peoria AZ. The construction lasted until September 2014. We captured over 18K still images of the build and lots of video footage. The final has been edited down to a little over 3 minutes. The link to the video is below. If a time lapse project is something you might be interested in, give us a call – 602.788.3686.



Exciting New Client- E3 Arms of Lake Havasu City Arizona

We are doing a lot of photographic work for a new client that is based here in Arizona. E3 Arms is headquartered in Lake Havasu City. They manufacture firearms. Particularly the AR15 platform. They sell several models of various builds and have developed their own unique lower part of the rifle that is molded from a proprietary polymer. Here are some images they will be using for advertising and their web site. I had never owned a rifle before but as I do with all my clients I did research and immersed myself in the subject to understand their product so that I could create images and talk to them on an intelligent level about their product. I am proud to say that I can now field strip an AR15!! As  I do with everything I shoot(no pun intended), I treat every client as if I were part of their business and do not what will make me the most money but what is best for them. We will also be doing some videos for their web site so stay tuned for some exciting “shooting” images! If you would like to discuss your photography needs, please give me a call today. 602-788-3686

E3 Arms HeaderE3-Arms-0044 E3-Arms-0035


Let There Be Light!- the short version

Do you want to take better images this summer vacation season? Come take a one day shortened version of my 3 day LTBL basic lighting and photography class. The sun is very high and strong in the summer here in Arizona. It is very important that you can control what the sun is doing to your subject both visually and “baking” wise. Spending too much time in the sun is not good for you or your camera. Learning to shoot in these conditions will help you create great images. We start early, 8:00am at the latest. I would prefer if you are willing to start at 7:00am. I am available Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for these classes. I will teach from one to 5 students at each class. Use the link below to register and start enjoying creating beautiful summer images!!

Register now for Let There Be Light-the short version!