Epstein Studio Photography Tip #3- Shutter speed- a timely message

Pardon the pun but I couldn’t resist. Shutter speed is the component of a photographic exposure that controls the amount of time your film(chip) is exposed to  light! This amount of time can be used very creatively. Want to stop action, use a very fast shutter speed- faster than you can snap your fingers. Here is an example of an image using a fast shutter speed, see how the water drops seem “frozen” in time?


Interested in creatively showing the passage of time in a still photo? Use a slow shutter speed- say the word “slow”, about that long. Here is an example of a slow shutter speed. Notice the blur, movement, of the train in the background.


Do you want to learn how you can create images like this and grab control of the Exposure Triangle to “make” images instead of just taking pictures?

Take my basic photo class and create the images you always wanted to show off to your friends and family! Sign up below for the Fall Semester!! If the two scheduled times do not work for you, call me to arrange your class!

Basic Photography Class



Epstein Studio Photography Tip #2- Choose the Right ISO Setting

ISO is the sensitivity to light of your camera’s chip. Think of film speed. The higher the number the more sensitive to light. Three of the most popular ISO speeds are 100, 400, and 800. Almost all cameras can be set to these speeds. 

ISO 100 – It is the best in bright sun delivering clear pictures with a striking combination of vibrant color and vividly sharp detail. Great for close-ups and still-life shots. 

ISO 400 – When you need a set it and forget it speed! It turns up the color in variable light with good all-around sharpness. Great for slow to moderate action. This ISO speed works in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. 

ISO 800 – When you want a speed that does it all with rich color and great sharpness. It has outstanding flexibility in a variety of lighting situations that makes it perfect for sports and action. Ideal for extended flash range, as well as outdoor shots on overcast days. If you want to learn more about this and other great things you can do with your camera, sign up for one of my classes. I guarantee you will never look at a photo the same way again!!


Let There Be Light Photography Classes-Fall Semester now accepting students!!

It is fall and time to get out of the house and make some images!! My basic photography class that has numerous “graduates” is accepting students for the fall semester!

Registration is available starting today.

Click on the registration link  for the Monday class- REGISTER HERE


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This class is a lot of fun and I guarantee you will never look at a photograph the same way again.

If this class schedule of Mondays or Wednesdays does not work for you, let me know. I can create a class for another day of the week.

In the upcoming weeks I will be offering a basic Photoshop/Photoshop Elements image editing class. Check back on the web site to see when classes are posted or like Epstein Studios Photography on Facebook to receive our posts.

A New Web Site look for Epstein Studios!

After months of tinkering, tech talk with GoDaddy and procrastinating (mostly procrastinating)- today is the launch of my new web site look. Please spend a few minutes. Take a look. I welcome your reactions both positive and negative. Please share with your friends. I am going to attempt to post useful photography info, tips and tricks on a weekly basis. If you like the new site give me a thumbs up on Facebook. Thanks.

Here is a tip for today. Actually two tips.

Remember to remove your lens cap before you start shooting and put it back on your lens when done to protect your lens surface.

The second tip is to always use a lens shade to keep extraneous light from hitting the lens and causing flare which can make your images look fuzzy and milky.

Lenses 0158

Look for a second post later today with the upcoming schedule of photo classes! It is fall and time to get out of the house and take some pictures without melting!!