Epstein Studio Photography Tip #2- Choose the Right ISO Setting

ISO is the sensitivity to light of your camera’s chip. Think of film speed. The higher the number the more sensitive to light. Three of the most popular ISO speeds are 100, 400, and 800. Almost all cameras can be set to these speeds. 

ISO 100 – It is the best in bright sun delivering clear pictures with a striking combination of vibrant color and vividly sharp detail. Great for close-ups and still-life shots. 

ISO 400 – When you need a set it and forget it speed! It turns up the color in variable light with good all-around sharpness. Great for slow to moderate action. This ISO speed works in a variety of indoor and outdoor situations. 

ISO 800 – When you want a speed that does it all with rich color and great sharpness. It has outstanding flexibility in a variety of lighting situations that makes it perfect for sports and action. Ideal for extended flash range, as well as outdoor shots on overcast days. If you want to learn more about this and other great things you can do with your camera, sign up for one of my classes. I guarantee you will never look at a photo the same way again!!


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