Epstein Studio Photography Tip #3- Shutter speed- a timely message

Pardon the pun but I couldn’t resist. Shutter speed is the component of a photographic exposure that controls the amount of time your film(chip) is exposed to  light! This amount of time can be used very creatively. Want to stop action, use a very fast shutter speed- faster than you can snap your fingers. Here is an example of an image using a fast shutter speed, see how the water drops seem “frozen” in time?


Interested in creatively showing the passage of time in a still photo? Use a slow shutter speed- say the word “slow”, about that long. Here is an example of a slow shutter speed. Notice the blur, movement, of the train in the background.


Do you want to learn how you can create images like this and grab control of the Exposure Triangle to “make” images instead of just taking pictures?

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