Exciting New Client- E3 Arms of Lake Havasu City Arizona

We are doing a lot of photographic work for a new client that is based here in Arizona. E3 Arms is headquartered in Lake Havasu City. They manufacture firearms. Particularly the AR15 platform. They sell several models of various builds and have developed their own unique lower part of the rifle that is molded from a proprietary polymer. Here are some images they will be using for advertising and their web site. I had never owned a rifle before but as I do with all my clients I did research and immersed myself in the subject to understand their product so that I could create images and talk to them on an intelligent level about their product. I am proud to say that I can now field strip an AR15!! As  I do with everything I shoot(no pun intended), I treat every client as if I were part of their business and do not what will make me the most money but what is best for them. We will also be doing some videos for their web site so stay tuned for some exciting “shooting” images! If you would like to discuss your photography needs, please give me a call today. 602-788-3686

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