Epstein Studios Commercial 2013-A short video telling you why you need to have a video on your web site.

Steve Dietrich “The Logoman” commissioned us to create a video commercial for his web site and YouTube. Please click on the link the enjoy this 90 second commercial.

We did a promotional video for our sister company-Great Dining Arizona   to show restaurants how we can showcase their cuisine on their web site to put more people in the seats.

A local coffee roaster -Firecreek_Coffee   asked us to show how they hand roast the delicious coffees in their cafe and what is available for purchase.

We just finished two videos for a client, Rhibafarms. They grow food via aqauponics and on their mini-farm . Here is a link to the two parts:

If this is something you would like to do for your company, give us a call to set up a pre-production meeting.