Photoshoot at the TPC-Scottsdale

A client needed photos of a new golf training device. It is called The Purdy Grip, designed by tour pro Ted Purdy. We had permission to shoot at the TPC in Scottsdale. We arrived at 7am for the shoot and was informed that because of “frost” on the course we would have to wait till the sun warmed the grass a bit. It was 9:30 when we finally got onto the course. If any of you are golfers you will appreciate this- we did the shoot on the tee at the 16th hole! With the stands now completely enclosing the hole it is truly an amazing sight. Even though the stands were empty the feeling was electric. The device helps you grip the club properly to eliminate a hook or slice. One of the successful users of The Purdy Grip is Jason Schechterle, the police officer who was burned in a horrific crash. Here are some photos of  Ted Purdy,  Jason Schechterle and The Purdy Grip.

Purdy-4591 Purdy-4558 Purdy-4555 Purdy-4534 Purdy-4535 Purdy-4536Purdy-4527