Rhibafarms- Two part video is on the web site

The editing for the 2 part Rhibafarms video is complete. Client is very happy and is talking about doing additional projects. Always a good thing. I would ask that you take a look at the two videos which talk about their Urban Farm location in Chandler and the Ranch House in Gilbert. This was a very interesting project to work on. We shot in two locations for the B-roll and did the interview among the Moringa trees at the Ranch House. The whole idea behind Rhibafarms is sustainable farming in an urban setting using both Aquaponics and mini-farm models. After viewing the videos I urge you to visit the Rhibafarms web site. They grow the tastiest and nutrient dense food you will find anywhere.

Now the techie stuff-

The entire video was shot on Canon DSLR except for the chicken shots and the elevated view at the Urban Farm which were done with a Go-Pro. Editing was accomplished in Final Cut Pro X, which I have fallen in love with as a program. For those of you who have experience with the previous version of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, and have avoided the new Final Cut Pro X because of what you have heard from fellow videographers, give it a try. It is very intuitive and extremely easy to work in. I found myself doing things much faster in this program than I ever did in Premiere.