Video shoot for the Kids In Focus program

Video shoot for the Kids In Focus program

I had the great honor to help the Kids In Focus program by doing video interviews with some of the students who have gone through the class. Kids-In-Focus takes at risk youth and gives them the opportunity to make photography part of their learning experience. Most of these students would never have the chance to […]

Let There Be Light photography classes are back!!

Let There Be Light photography classes are back!!

It is the perfect time of year to be outside here in Phoenix doing photography. If you need to learn some basics of exposure, lighting and composition or want a refresher on what you might have forgotten, then join me at the studio to learn! I have developed a curriculum to teach you what you […]

A Time Lapse Project preview

For those of you that do not know what a time lapse is, here is a short explanation. This is from the Merriam-Webster dictionary –—used to describe a way of filming something in which many photographs are taken over a long period of time and are shown quickly in a series so that a slow […]

Photoshoot at the TPC-Scottsdale

A client needed photos of a new golf training device. It is called The Purdy Grip, designed by tour pro Ted Purdy. We had permission to shoot at the TPC in Scottsdale. We arrived at 7am for the shoot and was informed that because of “frost” on the course we would have to wait till […]

Let There Be Light photography classes are back!

You received a new camera for the Holidays- now what? Come learn the basics of photography and lighting to get the most out of your new equipment! With a basic understanding of exposure and lighting, you will be creating the dynamic images that you never thought were possible. The only prerequisite is that your camera […]

Rhibafarms- Two part video is on the web site

The editing for the 2 part Rhibafarms video is complete. Client is very happy and is talking about doing additional projects. Always a good thing. I would ask that you take a look at the two videos which talk about their Urban Farm location in Chandler and the Ranch House in Gilbert. This was a […]

The Edit is Key- Rhiba Farms videos

Now that we have finished shooting footage for the videos of Rhiba Farms locations, the editing of the story is underway. Putting all the raw footage together, selecting clips, determining where to cut, is key to creating a great story. Working with the interview footage and listening to the words that are spoken, gives us […]