The Edit is Key- Rhiba Farms videos

Now that we have finished shooting footage for the videos of Rhiba Farms locations, the editing of the story is underway. Putting all the raw footage together, selecting clips, determining where to cut, is key to creating a great story. Working with the interview footage and listening to the words that are spoken, gives us the clues to where we need “B” roll.  We were originally going to create one 4 minute video for the two locations, but we have such an abundance of great shots that we are producing two 3 minute videos with one featuring the “Urban Farm” and one for the “Ranch”. Below is a capture of the Final Cut X screen showing clips, the timeline and browser for a spot in the video where we are transitioning to the end of part one. The original capture of footage took place over 2 days. Organizing, key wording, creating clips, syncing the sound, creating multicam clips of the interview, and assembling all this into a timeline story has taken over 4 days of work in front of the computer to get to this point. Once our rough cut is approved by the client, final color grading and soundtrack will be done.

It is a process that we love to do for our clients. If you have a need for video, everyone should have video on their web site today, please let us create videos for you. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Final Cut Pro x edit window

Screen capture of the editing window in Final Cut Pro X